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SimonPeck - Associate Professor, Design & Innovation

Associate Dean for MBA Programs
Associate Professor, Design & Innovation

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Initially Appointed: 2003

What exactly is it that top executives do and does it matter? Due to the recent dramatic increase in high profile corporate failures, Simon Peck’s research centers on that very question. His work examines the link between the actions and accountability of the company, characteristics of the board of directors and top management, and the firm’s competitive advantage. Peck’s work looks closely at topics of executive compensation contracts, board composition and structure, and how top executives do strategic planning.

Ph.D., University of Leeds, 1999
M.A., University of Leeds, 1992
B.S., University of Warwick, 1990

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Selected Publications

  • Conyon, M., Peck, S. I., Sadler, G. (2009).
    Compensation Consultants and Executive Pay: Evidence from the United States and United Kingdom (vol. 23, issue 1, ). Academy of Management Perspectives.
  • Keller, H., Peck, S. I., Ruigrok, W. (2006).
    Board characteristics and Involvement in Strategic decision making (issue August, ). Journal of Management Studies.
  • Conyon, M., Peck, S. I., Sadler, G. (2001).
    Corporate Tournaments and executive compensation (vol. 19, issue 1, ). Strategic Management Journal.
  • Conyon, M., Peck, S. I., Read, L., Sadler, G. (2000).
    Executive compensation contracts: UK evidence (vol. 33, issue 4, ). Long Range Planning.
  • Conyon, M., Fenton, E., Peck, S. I., Pettigrew, A., Whittington, R. (1999).
    Change and complementarities in the new competitive landscape: A European panel study 1992-1996 (vol. 10, issue 5, ). Organization Science.
  • Peck, S. I., Conyon, M. J. (1998).
    Board control, remuneration committees and top management compensation (vol. 41, issue 2, pp. 146-157). Academy of Management Journal.
  • Conyon, M., Peck, S. I., G, S.
    New Perspectives on the Governance of Executive Compensation: Examining the Role of Compensation Consultants. Journal of Management and Governance Journal of Management and Governance .
  • Peck, S. I., Bailey, B.
    Board room strategic decision making: Understanding the Antecedents (vol. 21, issue 2, pp. 131-146). Corporate Governance: An International Review.

Academic and Professional Activities

  • Editorial Review Board Member, Journal of Management Studies, 2009 - Present
  • Editor, Associate Editor, Long Range Planning, 2007 - Present

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